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Meet "Sophia"

the world’s first messaging chatbot empowering survivors of domestic violence

“Sophia” is the first of its kind: a chatbot available 24/7 to anyone suffering from domestic violence who needs assistance. Regardless of location, connecting with Sophia only requires a smartphone, computer, or tablet with internet access. Sophia is designed to be a trustworthy and guiding friend helping women and men in abusive relationships in three key ways (GAL): Gather potential evidence. Assess your rights. Learn your options.

Our Mission, Purpose and Vision

Our vision is to create dynamic, creative, and community-oriented technologies by combining AI, the law, and human-centred knowledge. Together with our volunteers from all over the world, we develop technologies that focus on the individual and their needs, offering support in often precarious situations.
With all our projects, we use the “Kona Puzzle Approach”: our “puzzle solver volunteers” from different cultures and backgrounds lend their time and expertise, and companies/organisations contribute their resources,  to collectively produce results in a lean and cost-effective way.

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